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You Will Taste The Difference

.We love to offer a broad range of drinks and these new Origin Tea Drinks are amazing. Four amazing Flavors Sneaky Peach, Tropical Kiss, Mango Magic and Lemon Zest. Try them out for yourself. A refreshing drink for a warm day.


There is something also about old style lemon ade and the Naked Syrups Lemon Ade hits the spot.


Iced Coffee is always a winner. Our Iced Coffee is served using Merchant Roasters coffee, ice cream and a couple cube of Ice.


Sometimes and old fashioned spider drink is all you need to satisfy your cravings or spoil the kids. Mixing the Bundaberg drinks range ensures a quality tasting drink


Here at Caffeine n Machine we stock a large offering of Craft beer, Wines, Mixed Spirits drinks and regular beers. A lot of our craft beers are from local breweries such as Shepparton Brewery and Bridge Road Brewers from Beechworth. Our wines are also from local region wineries such as Chambers and Cofeilds wines..

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